Representation of Azerbaijan International Diaspora Centre in Georgia as NGO was founded in 2013 in the capital of the Southern Caucasus country Georgia-Tbilisi. NGO RAIDCG is an organization registered for integration of all interested institutions and organizations in partnership for the benefit of Georgian science.
The purpose of the Organization is striving to develop mutual understanding and scientific interests in all branches of science. Interaction of work aimed at increasing the availability of knowledge and professional experience between all participants in the various branches of science.
      One of the priority tasks of the organizations to hold international conferences in different cities of the Russian Federation, with the publication of collections of scientific papers.
       So we are helping scientists and specialists of different branches of science, which can not go on a full-time conference in another region or country to attend a scientific forum and participate in discussions, the opportunity to express their work or studies. Provision of scientific materials NGO RAIDCG sometimes the only option for scientists to present their work on the study of colleagues by posting information not just in collections of scientific works, but also on our web-site -
     Media partners are NGO RAIDCG leading universities of the country, indicating that confidence in the Organization and the high level of organization of work. Such partnerships help and give you an additional opportunity to state their studies and activities at the regional levels.
       All collections of scientific papers, which are published on the results of international conferences - peer-reviewed. The work of the Organization is involved editorial board. Our reviewers - specialists with doctoral degrees professors, heads of departments of leading universities of the country, which indicates a high level of performance.
        On the basis of past conferences are published and distributed collections of scientific works in 10-20 working days, so you get as quickly as possible.

The Sixth International Scientific - Practical Conference "Modern Science: Problems, Prognoses and Solutions."

Conference organizers:
Organizers of the conference:
Representation of Azerbaijan International Diaspora Center in Georgia.
Community of Azerbaijanis Living in Georgia
Georgia Technical University
Tbilisi State University . Iv. Javakhishvili.
Baltic Federal I.Kant-University
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”
Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science NAS Ukraine
International Black Sea University
Megatrend University.
Plekhanov Russian Economic University
Moscow State Regional University
National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Republic
University of Kragujevac Serbia
Poltava National Technical University named Yuri Kondratyuk 

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